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SCFS Mtg – Mar 11, 7-9pm via Zoom, Historic Orchards with Susan Dolan, NPS

Living history. That’s what these orchards are. Some may be familiar with Piper’s Orchard in Seattle and the restoration it has undergone in the past 20 years. Susan Dolan of the National Parks Service will be joining us this Thursday to share about the historical significance and efforts of the National Park Service to preserve several other orchards in the Puget Sound area including the Buckner Orchard in North Cascades National Park, the Crook Orchard in San Juan Island National Historical Park, and the Reconstruction Orchard at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

The mission of the National Park Service is to preserve historic places as well as natural ecosystems.  Many historic places in the park system contain historic orchards. Susan Dolan, is the National Park Service, Bureau Historical Landscape Architect.  She is the national manager of the NPS Park Cultural Landscapes Program.  Her responsibilities include developing, implementing, and overseeing a service-wide landscape preservation program that includes research, planning, stewardship, education, and technology development.  She previously served as the Historical Landscape Architect for Mount Rainier National Park.  Her awards include the 2020 University of Oregon Lawrence Medal for leadership in cultural landscape preservation, and the NPS Director’s 2009 Appleman Judd Lewis Award for Excellence in Cultural Resources Management.  She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon and an undergraduate degree in horticulture from Reading University in England.  Her publications include:  “Orchard Stabilization Handbook“, USDI NPS and California Department of Parks and Recreation, 2012; “Orchard Management Plan for Manzanar National Historic Site,”  USDI NPS, Pacific West Regional Office, 2011; “Fruitful Legacy: A Historic Context of Orchards and Fruit Trees in the National Park System, from 1600 to the Present,” USDI, NPS, Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation and Pacific West Regional Office, 2009; “Orchard Management Plan for John Muir National Historic Site,”  USDI, NPS, Pacific West Regional Office, 2006.

Snohomish County Fruit Society invites you to join us on Thursday, March 11, at 7-9pm via Zoom for this fascinating talk. Due to some interference with previous calls, we are taking extra measures to protect this and future meetings from hackers. If you would like to join us, please email for Zoom link and passcode, SnohomishCFS@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can request to be added to our mailing list for future meeting announcements and information.

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