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PFC June 8 – Fertilizer with Mike Geiser

PFC member Mike Geiser will talk about fertilizer at our next meeting on Thursday, June 8, at the Sheridan Park Community Center, 680 Lebo Blvd., Bremerton.  The meeting starts at 7 pm, but doors open early for social time.

SCFS Mtg – Thurs, June 10, 7-9pm “Raspberry nutrition – A tale of chemistry and biology” w/ Qianwen Lu

Economically important small fruit crops are grown commercially across the world, however:
-Do you know why growers apply fertilizers?
-Do you know what nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium deficiencies look like?
-Do you know how to diagnose nutrient problems?
-Do you know how soil biology can enhance nutrient management?


Qianwen Lu from Washington State University, Department of Horticulture, will share her research ‘Real-time nutrient analysis of raspberry using petiole sap’ and ‘The innovative biofertilizer – Mycorrhizae’. Through which, you will get to know why nutrients are essential to plants, how to diagnose nutrient problems, and what are the innovative biofertilizer and how they function.

Qianwen Lu is a PhD candidate at Washington State University, Department of Horticulture. She is originally from Nanjing, China, a magnificent metropolis full of culture and history as well as modern arts and delectable gourmet foods. At Nanjing Forestry University, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree of Forest Science in 2014 and a Master’s degree of Soil Science in 2017. Meanwhile, she spent one year at the University of Georgia, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, as part of a visiting student program. Later on, she decided to pursue her PhD degree in the United States. Qianwen Lu started her PhD program with Drs. Lisa DeVetter and Haiying Tao in the Fall of 2018. The focus of her PhD research is nutrient management practices in raspberry and blueberry and impacts on plant growth, productivity, fruit quality, and soil health. In her free time, Qianwen enjoys contemporary dance and outdoor activities.

Snohomish County Fruit Society invites you to join us on Thursday, June 10, at 7-9pm via Zoom for this presentation. Due to some interference on previous calls, we are taking extra measures to protect this and future meetings from hackers. If you would like to join us, please email SnohomishCFS@gmail.com for Zoom link information.