STFS extreme maggot barriers for sale

STFS Extreme Maggot Barriers from Seattle Tree Fruit Society are being sold right now to fund educational activities.

Click here to order STFS Extreme Maggot Barriers now.

STFS Extreme Maggot Barriers protect apples, pears and other fruits from apple maggot flies, codling moths and other pests.

Click here for directions on how to cover and protect fruits with STFS Extreme Maggot Barriers.

Extreme maggot barriers, when placed over fruitset immediately after springtime thinning, protect apples, pears, Asian pears and other fruits from later damage by apple maggot and other insects. Extreme maggot barriers must be secured around the developing fruit’s stem and will stretch as the fruit grows over summer. After harvest in late summer and fall, extreme maggot barriers can be removed from mature fruit and washed for re-use the following season.   

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